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A replica 356A Speedster  built entirely in the USA with no VW Beetle parts, but with accurate body styling, reinforced structural tube chassis, a 170hp Subaru overhead cam fuel injected engine, power Assisted 4 wheel disc braking with ABS, and adjustable suspension......... make sense to you ?

This only scratching the surface.  Read further and you will discover a properly engineered truly high performance car with modern mechanicals, comfort, and performance; but yet has the desirable classic styling.

how does a state-of-the-art, properly engineered 356 replica compare with a VW Beetle dune buggy with a 356 replica body  ?  .......

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Subaru Overhead cam engine (170-300+hp)

water-cooled    hot water heat-defrost

mid engine  45/55 weight bias

rack and pinion steering


power 4 wheel disc brakes

ABS (antilock brakes)

automatic or 5 speed manual

16 gallon frame protected fuel tank

35-40 mpg

correct legal emissions

structural tubular welded frame

wider floor - extended foot wells

greater headroom



Looking for a 356 Speedster replica, Cabriolet, or Coupe that you can drive anywhere ?..you are at the right place, and there is a whole lot more !

 How about a weather tight, drive anywhere Cabriolet or Coupe Version?


                  1957 356 Speedster replica          1957 356A Coupe  replica                 1957 356A Cabriolet replica



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